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We hope that these tips will help you to plan a fantastic day at ClownTown, whether it be to play or party

You can simply come; however we let people in on an available space basis and booking guarantees you a place .

We operate a height limit of 149cm. Taller children are not permitted on the play equipment due to health and safety regulations.

Due to the height restriction of 149cm, we do not have an age limit however, based on our experience, most children up to the age of 9 are usually within the height restriction. Children older than 9 years may be permitted on the equipment if they are within the height limit.

Did you know that Clown Town provides cake for birthday parties ? we allow to consume the cakes we provide on premises.

You may only bring a cake when you book a birthday party at Clown Town and even then, the cake cannot be consumed on the premises. If you booked and celebrated a party with us, the cake is presented at the end of the party, happy birthday song is sung and the cake is then taken away, portioned and put into party bags for the guests to take and consume at home. We do not allow celebrating a birthday party in Clown Town without booking. It is against our company policy.

No food and drink (other than water) can be brought into Clown Town due to food allergies and health and safety reasons. Only food and drink purchased in Clown Town can be consumed on our premises.

You may supervise your children inside our play-frames. All we ask is that you remain careful not to step on or run into other children.

Yes. You must wear socks when using any of our equipment as a matter of hygiene as well as health and safety.

We do have certain days we can offer private sessions for production companies or special occasions, please contact us for more information

We are well equipped for parties up to 20-25 children; in some cases we can cater for up to 30 with certain conditions.

No. We operate a ‘parents supervision’ policy and therefore, we are not allowed to look after your children.