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ClownTown Party

Prices from £13.00 per person

Qty (10 to 25)

Total price from £130.00

What's included: 

Your party is 2 hours long, minimum 10 kids - maximum 25 kids. 

A hot party meal selection will be served to each child.
The birthday cake is presented by your party host.
Unlimited water, orange and blackcurrant squash for the duration of the party. 

Pre-decrated party booth for the kids. 
Reserved seating for adult guests whilst the children play.
Maximum of 10 adults - you can add on additional adults for £3 each. 

Party Structure:
Approx 1 hour of play time, followed by 30min of food, presentation of the birthday cake and another 30 min of play time until the end of the party. 

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